How to Review


This page provides the methods used to collect and organize information on cannabis to develop product reviews. 

Data Sturcture

Information for each product is sorted into the following categories:

1. Product Info


  • Licensed Producer

  • Province of Production

  • Company

  • Brand

  • Product

2. Product Description


  • Strain

  • Cultivar

  • Parentage

  • Cultivar Group

  • Vibe

  • Plant Type

  • THC | CBD Content

  • Terpenes

3. Pricing Info


  • Average National Price

  • Price Group

  • Price per Province

  • Link per Province

4. Accolades


  • hermano Rank

  • Cultivar Rank

  • # of Awards

  • # of Accolades

  • List of Awards

5. Review


  • Review Rank

  • Value Rank

  • Individual Scores

6. Photos


  • Photos for products reviewed by hermano



  • Refers to traditional/street name associated to a product, sourced from government websites and product websites. In cases where a street name is not identified:

    • (proprietary) used to distinguish products from genetics owned by the LP

    • (blend) used for product names that rotate between cultivars or are composed of several different cultivars

    • (N/A) used when the genetics of a product have not been distinguished



  • The parentage associated to the Strain/Cultivar. This was sourced through government websites when available, using third party sources such as and Same applies in cases where a street name is not identified:​


Cultivar Group

  • Refers to popular or most referenced lineages. This information has been developed using numerous resources including those referenced previously to develop 12 groups:

  • (N/A) used when the genetics of a product have not been distinguished




Deep Indica

Girl Scout Cookies



Jack Herer

OG Kush



White Widow

Vibe, is an algorithm based proprietary classification of cannabis products measuring Plant Type, THC|CBD Content and Terpenes to group products based on activity and moods. The following images are associated with the following Vibes:

Active vibe

(Alert, Intense, Spry)

Lively vibe

(Games, Hikes, Revelry)

Casual vibe

(Cook, Organize, Socialize)

Mellow vibe

(Books, Music, TV)

Settled vibe

(Meditate, Sleep, Unwind)

Plant Type

Refers to the plant species type. Nomenclature Indica/Sativa Hybrid were added based on references on provincial websites. Only strains referenced as a Hybrid version of indica/sativa was labelled as such. Here are the available Tags:


  • Indica 

  • Indica Hybrid

  • Hybrid

  • Sativa Hybrid

  • Sativa


THC | CBD Content

This columns refer to the level of THC/CBD present in the product. As opposed to providing percentage ranges, hacienda has operationalized percentages into tags ranging in levels of intensity. Here are the following tags:


THC and CBD content was further arranged into these defined groups:







Collected from provincial websites and confirmed by referring to brand websites. Terpenes are classified based on the sequence listed; when possible data was collected from Alberta’s website as it provides Terpene concentration levels. 


A total of 3 terpene levels were recorded as presented on government websites as a representation of dominant terpenes. (N/A) was assigned where no Terpenes were identified.

Terpene Profiles

Terpene profiles are groups assigned to Terpenes based on their Aroma and Flavour profile, based on peer-reviwed studies. The following Profiles were identified:

THC Tag & Range

  • Low - 0% - 2.9% THC

  • Mid-Low - 4% - 7.9% THC

  • Mid - 8% - 11.99% THC

  • Mid-High - 12% - 16.99% THC

  • High - 17% + THC

CBD Tag & Range

  • Low - 0% - 2.99% CBD

  • Mid - 3% - 7.99% CBD

  • High - 8% + CBD

  • High THC | Low CBD

  • Low THC | High CBD

  • Mid THC | High CBD

  • Mid THC | Mid CBD

  • Mid-High THC | Low CBD

  • Mid THC | Low CBD

  • Low THC | Mid CBD

  • Low THC | Low CBD









Additionally, Aromas have been associated to Terpenes based common items found in nature.

Value & Pricing

The value of products is based the national average price per gram for Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. The data included indicates the least amount of money per gram a person can spend in purchasing a product; this represents most expensive price per gram as price decreases as the packaging size gets larger. For companies only offering packaging sizes in 3.5 or higher, their price is provided in price per gram. The value of each product is associated by the following price ranges:


  • Bargain - $0.00 - $8.00

  • Good Value - $8.00 - $10.24

  • Average Price - $10.25 - $12.50

  • Pricey - $12.51 - $14.75

  • Expensive - $14.76 +

Reviewing Cannabis

Personal reviews of recreational cannabis products on this website are captured through a review form called CannTrac. Each review is analyzed to develop a rating between A+ and F; found on each product page. Products reviewed are then ranked to develop a Review Rank.

These are the following information is collected through CannTrac:


Product Description

  • Brand Name

  • Product Name

  • THC% - can vary from product to product 

  • CBD% - can vary from product to product 

  • Packaging Date


Evaluation Criteria


Look, measuring visual appeal of the following:

  • Colour - richness, variety and vibrancy of a flowers colour

  • Pistils/Stigmas - pronouncement, visibility and vibrancy of small hairs

  • Trichomes - density, structure and pronouncement of resin glands

  • Calyxes - definition, pronouncement and structure of a flower

Feel, measuring the feel to the touch of the following:

  • Size - size of flowers related to the package size

  • Density - looseness of flowers vs. tightly packed flowers

  • Moisture - measures if buds in a package are dry or sticky 


Smell, measuring olfactory impact from three stages of handling cannabis:

  • Package - measured from the initial unsealing of the package

  • Grind -  measured when flower is ground for consumption

  • Smoke - measured during combustion/vaping. The rating is relative to the method, i.e., vaping produces increased aromas when consuming 

Taste, measuring impact on the palette when consuming through the following:

  • Flavour - whether the inhaling experience provides bad or off flavours vs. pleasant or flavours similar to its aroma

  • Quality - whether the inhaling experience is harsh and difficult vs. smooth and rich

  • Aftertaste - whether after inhaling, the product leaves a bad or off flavour vs. pleasant and lingering experience

Potency, measuring impact of effects upon consumption as the following:

  • Quality - the effects induced a foggy or cloudy impact vs. clean, clear impact

  • Intensity - the effects induced have no impact on normal functions or make it difficult to manage normal functions

  • Efficacy - the effects induced deliver unintended effects (i.e. nausea, grogginess) vs. delivering expected, complexed and layered effects


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