Nicest Touch: Review of the Best Feeling Cannabis in Canada

Previously in the 'Best' category, we reviewed the Best Looking Cannabis Buds in Canada.

Here we look into the Feel of cannabis. When measuring the Feel of cannabis, often using the thumb and index finger (some prefer using utensils), we observe:

  • Size - size of flowers/buds related to the package size (how many buds were received in one package?)

  • Density - looseness of flowers vs. tightly packed flowers (making it hard to break apart)

  • Moisture - measures if buds in a package are dry or sticky (can be measured by touching)

Keep in mind, the quality of the Feel for each product listed is made from personal observation at the time of handling. The feel of cannabis may vary between packages and may not be indicative of an overall experience; as well some cultivars/strain may be more likely to contribute to positive Feel experience.

Without further ado, here are the recreational cannabis products in Canada which were the Nicest to the Touch!

Ace Valley CBD Flower

Round, thick and lengthy stems gives these pistils a playground to pop above the dense green haze. 3.5 grams came with hefty sized buds with tight dense swirls.

Grown by Flowr, it displays qualities seen in many cultivars, highlighted by density and ample moisture (even when purchasing older SKU's). This CBD offers a focused attention, to spend analyzing its hairy patterns.

Broken Coast Galiano Flower

Broken Coast is consistent in delivering chunky nugs, making their brands a beauty to behold. Here, Galiano tops the list for its bulbous nodes of dense whirls, with moisture rich terpenes seeping through the seal.

To hold, pick it apart piece by piece opens new visual aspects, from sparkling trichomes, stretching hairs and light green colours underneath. Rushing with an upbeat, alert high packing enough patience to ogle the pretty flowers.

Color Mango Haze Flower

Juicy fruitiness condensed into one 3.5 nug, exploding when crumbled to pieces. The joy of jostling trichomes here is greeted with brisk aromas.

For the mild explorers, this mango fruit forward nug in rich green form offered cerebral liveliness accompanied by spine tingling, body relaxation.

Dubon Jean Guy Flower (also known as Canaca Jean Guy Flower)

Packaged product from High Park had left much to be desired. However, with attention to detail and a humidity pack led to one of the most enjoyable experiences on the market.

Purchased twice, this Jean Guy arrived in 3 gram nugs with a sparkled texture, flaming hairs and deep aromas exploding with each grind making each session memorable!

Grail Headband Flower

Before humidity packs, it was a struggle to find well packaged buds. To the fortuitous arrived solid chunky nugs with enough moisture to keep the Terpenes lively. These qualities are important, especially when it comes to a lively strain like Headband.

Beginning a lengthy enjoyment of Grail products, this Headband made one Montreal Spring day one to be remembered from the gleam of the trichomes against darkened background of peaks and valleys. The exciting high led to reverence for this lovely nug.

Royal High Super Skunk Flower

Buying one gram often leads to much dissatisfaction. Either from being crushed under its weight or just too insignificant to warrant a healthy nug. Fortunately this Super Skunk offered ample size and plushness.

Its soothing, relaxing nature offers a puffed up high similar to the feeling of this bushy nug falling gravity in your palm. I made sure to enjoy it, pairing it gloriously with a hit of LSD and front row seats to Avengers Endgame.

Spinach Dancehall Flower

My ongoing relationship with Spinach began here with a set of bulbous nugs, so dense they could bounce off the table and not show a mark.

Size and Feel of Spinach/Cronos/Cove/Peace Naturals products have varied (with a faze of pockmarked seed holes). When done right, they provide a canvas for well grown cannabis best observed in this voluptuous Mid-THC, Mid-THC tropical citrus wave of attentive calm.

It has been a ride from the start of legalization, however many companies have made big changes in storage and packaging helping improve the overall quality of cannabis products. As a consumer, this allows a revisit to products and a better appreciation of the cultivation process.

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Happy tokin'!



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