Best Looking Buds in Canada

Read it and weep, here are the 7 Best Looking cannabis buds in Canada!!!

Before diving deep, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My experience with cannabis varies leading to differentiation in opinion and my own personal biases. When reviewing the Look of cannabis, along with an instinctive feeling, I use these features to measure visual appeal:

  • Colour - richness, variety and vibrancy of a flowers colour (includes shade of pistils & trichomes)

  • Pistils/Stigmas - pronouncement, texture visibility and vibrancy of hairs

  • Trichomes - density, length structure, thickness and pronouncement of resin glands

  • Calyxes - definition, protrusion, pronouncement and structure of a flowers nodes

One of the main factors which can impact the Look of cannabis is the size and structure of each nug. Misshapen or popcorn buds made reviewing these features difficult and hence would have received a negative score in regards to Look.

Nevertheless, without further or due, here are the Best Looking Buds in Canada.

Broken Coast has set itself as the standard bearer of premium cannabis products. When a new product hits the shelf in the $13 + price range, they are immediately contrasted with Broken Coast. And how not, at under $50 per 3.5 grams often provides a full 2g + bud that is packed with characteristics. Of all the great Broken Coast buds, this was the prettiest, it filled my heart with cinnamon spice delight and left me with a pleasant dazed feeling.

As the name implies, it is a Frost Monster. The calyx structure and underlying greens provide a background to allow the trichomes to glitter, displaying their density coating the bud in to an ambered fuzz.

Hexo's Bayou falls within one of the 'bang-for-buck' products on the market. In Quebec, this sold for $20 for 3.5 grams. Together with a great price point, this Purple Kush is a gentle toke with cheesy kush aromas and a cerebral high that adds a nice euphoria before the heaviness settles.

The colour combined with the hairy orange contrast makes this one of the most beautiful flowers. The purpling genetic trait is caused by anthocyanins (see Flavonoids) found in few cannabis flowers; this being amongst the best representations.

Zenabis (the parent company) produces the only Death Bubba on the market. If that is not enough, this sweet, molasses body buzzing comatose treat is a darling of the black market and challenging to find. Fortunately this product can be found in Ontario and British Columbia, as well as Zenabis' discount brand Re-Up in select provinces.

The vibrant purple is difficult to see beneath the thick heavy frosting of trichomes. Along with protruding nodes, crevices and shade makes this a beautiful flower to behold.

Qwest is argued to be the best producer of cannabis on the market, from its collection of prized cultivars to the execution of their packaged product. Many things can be said of this flower which would sound like hyperbole, from the French Onion Soup vibes from its roiling start, this finishes with the tender touch of cookies and ease. Better priced than other Qwest product, this is one that shouldn't be slept on.

Each bulbous bud displayed unique characteristics with a wide colour palette. Either more crystal sheen or sprawling pistils, the chracteristics stood on the foreground of a lush green haze wrapped in a thicket of fuzz.

This limited edition bud appeared on the tail of a summer weekend, after my pleasurable encounters with their other products (see Cold Creek Kush, God Bud, Outlaw). Redecan offers everything a cannabis consumer enjoys, varied cultivar selection, pretty buds and pleasant highs at a good price.

The untamed thick sandy hairs engulfed the flower as a hazy dusting of trichomes changed the overall colour palette of the bud. This makes the list as being a wonderful flower to view pistils in their full glory.

San Rafael 71 produces the best valued product from all the big companies (Aphria, Aurora, Tilray, Tweed, etc.). From an award winning legacy through Med Releaf, San Raf's products are equally consistent, available, competitively priced and beautiful.

Perhaps the best representation of anthocyanins on the market, these buds range from dark green to almost charcoal black. Hailing from one of the world's most beautiful and treacherous terrains, Purple Chitral represents centuries of cultivation and variation caused from its mountainous environment.

Along with Cove, Spinach is one of the Cronos brands. Equally to Cove they produce high quality flower that smells and tokes pleasantly well. Spinach offers one of the best 'bang-for-buck' on the market loud buds that deliver potent effects.

It is the way the trichomes hug every curve on the bud. As the calyx reaches its peak, so does the frosting popping out as if to greet the toker. Behind it lies a lush putting ground green which creates a vibrant appeal to this stone cold knock out.

Well, that's the best...for now. I'm looking forward to adventure into some new strains as they hit the market. Keep an eye on Latest Reviews and share your favourite strains with me on Instagram or Twitter.



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