Methods: Reviewing Cannabis

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

This post provides a summary of hermano’s review system for evaluating recreational cannabis in Canada.

Products reviewed on this website are developed from a personal review and evaluating system ranking all cannabis products on the legal recreational market from the best to last. In this post we will highlight these systems as well as their inherent biases.

More information can be found in the Methodology page.

How it works?

Each product under Reviews includes a Report Card with ranking categories showing how that product compares to its competitors in a category.

hermano rank, Cultivar Rank, Awards and Accolades

These categories gather information from accolades awarded to recreational cannabis products, medicinal cannabis products, Licensed Producers in Canada and cultivars and/or genetics. Products are ranked based on the number of accolades attributed to cultivators, brands, products and cultivars from celebrated organizations in Canada and abroad.

This method of evaluation negatively impacts products with no identified cultivar (represented by (proprietary), (blend) and (N/A)) and newer cultivars which are indicative of market and social trends. It can also be argued that awards for genetics in another country does not correlate to success in the Canadian market.

I counter with White Widow, Jack Herer and Sensi Star; the figure here shows the number of dried flower products for each cultivar.

The recognition, cultural value and interest brought to a cultivar through a recognition process provides that specific cultivar with value. That value is present when someone familiar with Granddaddy Purple through its award fame, can now trace it to the recreational market.

Dubon - Hash Plant

Spinach - White Widow

Review Rank and Review Value

This site has over 150+ personal reviews of products sampled by hermano. Reviews are collected for each session of a product using an online Google Form; which includes at least 2-3 sessions per review. The method, environment and quantity of cannabis is taken into account for each session; with most reviews completed through combusting a joint. Review ratings can be found in section 5 on each product page.

The scale used on the reviews is related to the average quality of product available to a consumer on both the black market on legal market; from personal experience this typically ranges from AA to low AAA in black market terms. The rating scale used is from A+ for exemplary cannabis and F for brick weed equivalent. The average baseline was set at C, indicating products of decent quality with no exemplary traits.

Market Average Cannabis

Each review measures Look, Feel, Smell, Taste and Potency; with an overall score based on the average of these values. These values are ranked to develop a Review Rank as a ranking of these reviews amongst its competitors. Review Value ranks

reviews amongst its competitors accounting for the price of a product.

Here is a way to interpret my ratings:

  • A = Personal favourite

  • B = Recommended

  • C = Average product, choose carefully

  • D = Not For Me

  • E-F = Not For Anyone

For those familiar with the Black Market, may prefer this conversion chart:

  • A = AAAA

  • B = AAA

  • C = AA

  • D-F = A

Reviews on this website are 100% biased to my method of consumption, preferences as well as availability of cannabis; as well as the fact that I am a generous grader. They are not influenced through funding or personal relationships with Companies and Brands represented on this website.

This is not gospel, better cannabis does exist. Quality of cannabis can be impacted by size, scope, genetics and distribution; ranging considerably with higher levels of quality found in craft or small batch cannabis production. Take these reviews, rankings and ratings as suggestions in navigating the recreational market.

For more information on this website or the methodology used, visit About hermano.

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