Review: Few of my Favourite Things

Consuming cannabis from the Canadian recreational market over the past year has given me the chance to sample strains from never before, relive old classics and try unique blends from Canada's LP's.

This post highlights hermano's favourite cannabis flowers so far; the ones that left me stupefied upon sight, those that pleased my senses or left me in a dazed state for hours. Seven being the lucky number, here goes seven of my favourites Cannabis products in Canada.

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Before moving forward, it was difficult to exclude these from the list therefore they are honourable mentions:

On to the Show!

Broken Coast Galiano

Amongst the first of my recreational experience, so good I had to visit it again. Without disappointment, these fuzzy, sizeable and juicy nuggetts propell aromas of sweet sugary spice into a awaken sensation followed by fits of giggles.

The price tag comes in neatly between the pricey and too expensive allowing for an enjoyable treat without the feeling of being taken advantage. The with a very nice taste and tokability. As a primary indica toker to relief for baseline anxiety, the upbeat mellow high provides a good energy boost with a great taste and very high tokability.


Social gathering with mushroom toast and an old fashion.


2019 CCA Top Sativa Flower Finalist

2019 O'Cannabiz Best Cultivator Winner

1993 High Times Amsterdam Seed Cup Winner

Color Pedro's Sweet Sativa

One of the most aromatic strains out there and a crown jewel in WeedMD's Derek Pedro's stable. It began as a personal project when gifted seeds from a regional plant in Dominican Republic. Through successive generations, Pedro's Sweet Sativa was born, eminating a tropical stinging sweet ripened aroma that stays from pacakge, to grind, to toke.

A prime candidate for vaporizors, lower temperatures will allow delicate terpenes to surprise with liveliness while vaping low temp THC enables a potent cerebral high. Buds may come smaller than expected, but these sticky nugs are sure to clog up your grinder.

As with most Color products, the price point sits nicely under $10/gram making this a more than pleasurable experience.


Nature, Starbursts and a captivating podcast.

Cove Revive Reserve

Before Berner, Cookies were taking the cannabis world by storm. The combination of Duban Poison and OG Kush create a clear, cerebral high with relaxed kush undertones. It has since spawned many phenotypes and offspring, combining effects with savoury sweetness and a wide range of subtle aromas.

In this phenotype, Limonene plays a large role in creating a zesty fresh sensations to play on the Thin Mint Cookies. This is within the top tier of packaged aroma, although suffers upon combustion. Here is another aroma bomb for a vape, the savoury flavours will leave a nice warm clinging touch on the palette.

This is also available in a 510 vape cartridge with natural plant terpenes added to simulate the cultivars original aroma and flavours.


Morning coffee followed by household activities.


2013 High Times Denver US Mixed Flowers Winner

2012 Emerald Cup Best Flower Finalist

2019 Leafly's 50 Most Popular Finalist

2014 Green (Book) Featured Flower Finalist

Gage Orange CKS

Another Cookie for this list; their lack of prominence in the Canadian recreational market prohibits me from adding more. This is an offspring of the famed line, imparting a greater citrus notes offering a counterbalance from acidic ripeness to creamy savouriness.

Orange Cookies represents a growth in US styled genetics entering the Canadian recreational market, the focus on bright flavourful terpenes reminiscent of familiar food products help elevates toking to a holistic experience where beverages, food and settings can be included to accentuate a session.


Chocolate Orange, Fanta Slurpee and a long road ahead.


2015 High Times So-Cal Best Hybrid Flower Finalist

Grail Headband

OG Kush x Sour Diesel crosess have dominated the High THC spectrum of the market. From Solei Sense, LBS Sunset, Broken Coast Ruxton and this here Grail Headband; these hybrids combine the exciting effects of sativas along with the sedating effects of indicas. The name for this Sour OG phenotype is taken from the crunching head high simulating the wearing of a headband.

Grail's Headband shoots to the top for its bud quality, impactful high and qualty for its price (better than Solei and LBS, cheaper than Broken Coast). The high is cerebrally stimulating, perfect for creative tasks or in making menial tasks more exciting.


Afternoon stroll to a lovely spot, a book and a Pina Colada.


2014 CCA LP Winner

2019 O'Cannabiz LP of the Year Nominee

2013 High Times Nor-Cal Best Hybrid Flower Winner

2010 Emerald Cup Best Flower Finalist

2017 Leafly's 100 Must Try Strains Finalist

2019 Leafly's 50 Most Popular Finalist

2014 Green (Book) Featured Flower Finalist

Redecan Cold Creek Kush

With little fanfare (aside from Redees marketing), Redecan has carved its corner in the recreational market. Solidifying trust amongst consumers by delivering quality products at a price point to give you the best bang for your buck.

Within their portfolio, this is the crown jewel. Coming in as high as 24% THC, this Sativa (yes, it's not mislabelled) is a great example of phenotypes. More specifically, it takes the dreamy haziness of Cold Creek Kush, setting aside the sedated aspects of MK Ultra for more of the energetic characteristics of Chemdog 91.

Of everything on this list, it has the best pricepoint at under $30 for a 3.5.


Toboganning session with warm cup of mocha.


2010 High Times Amsterdam Indica Cup Finalist

Spinach White Widow

Hands down, the best White Widow on the market. A Canadian Cannabis Awards and O'Cannabiz award winner, its reputation is well warranted as this explodes with big tropical spice, warm and expressive, a nice easy balance great for socializing or trying to follow plot points.

White Widow's is perhaps the most celebrated cannabis strain with over 10 international cannabis cup wins. What makes Spinach's so special is the present aroma and explosive flavour while being remarkably easy to toke. Aside from the size of the buds (seems to be a result of Cronos growing methods), there is little to scoff at with this White Widow coming in around $10/gram.

Cannabis 2.0 fans would be happy to hear this is available in a 510 vape cartridge.


Chips and salsa with a Tamarind Jarritos.


2017 CCA Hybrid Flower Finalist

2019 O'Cannabiz Dried Flower - Best Hybrid Winner

1995 High Times Amsterdam Bio Cup Winner

2002 Highlife Cup Hydro-Coffeeshops Winner

2017 Leafly's 100 Must Try Strains Finalist

2019 Leafly's 50 Most Popular Finalist

2014 Green (Book) Featured Flower Finalist

These are my favs so far! 2020 has proven to be excited with new products, vapes and edibles. Look forward to more reviews to come under Latest Reviews.

Happy tokin!


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