Reviews: Bang for the Buck

There are many criteria that can be used to measure Cannabis, but the one criterion which matters most is cost. Even the best quality Cannabis comes at a price, the potency or smell is only as good as you feel about the sticker price to cannabis. Here at hermano we developed a pricing grid to help identify the value of recreational cannabis:

  • Bargain - $0.00 - $8.01

  • Good Value - $8.00 - $10.24

  • Average Price - $10.25 - $12.50

  • Pricey - $12.51 - $14.75

  • Expensive - $14.76 +

hermano has reviews for over 150 products, each of those products are provided a Review Rank and a Value Rank. The Value Rank determines which product has the best value based on its review. Here are the top 5 Value Rank products:

Hexo Bayou

Delivering a pleasant experience from the package to combustion, the deep purple colour and cheesy musk are in High Definition. Inhaling it creates a dreamy, mystical state that settles nicely and exits in a daze headed for bed. Although low in potency with a short high, the quality of the buds and aromas make this a pleasurable session experience. When accounting for late night activities, the low potency may help achieve where you want to be while reducing the impact of a high potency product.

Blazery Last Call

Also available as Namaste MK Ultra, Blazery Last Call from Zenabis provided one of the best experiences with the cultivar MK Ultra. It boasted of loud, rich grape-like fruit flavours with a stinging gas aromas. The session was clean and smooth with heavy dense smoke lingering throughout. The effects were potent and layered, the fresh aromas awoke the senses with a mesmerizing dreamscape while the body remained settled and calm.

Color Pedro's Sweet Sativa

‘Fuck yes’, was the way I felt when I first got my hands on this sweet, sharp citrus chemical, musky funk. The high puts you into a kung fu, what-you-wanna-do mood; energized and enabled with present focus allowing for Active activities. It is best to have your checklist ready to accomplish all the things with an upbeat spirit . Sadly the buds were satisfyingly small, fortunately the moisture and stickiness made up for it. This cultivar expresses a unique background with genetics of a Dominican landrace stabilized with White Russian and other unknown genetics; making this amongst WeedMD's Master Grower Derek Pedro's prized possession.

Symbl Dreamweaver

Upon opening, the look of the fire-hued pistils and dank aroma had me thirsting for a toke. The pungent, loud, ruminating smoke creeped with explosive hazy, dreamy followed by calming effects allowing for more Mellow vibes to finish that book or take in that record. Amongst of its more lauded competitors, this MK Ultra delivers with one of the better price points.

Dubon Select Hash Plant

True to its name offering a thick, rich, resinous toking experience to deliver heavy body effects. The aromas and flavours are similar to hash, with notes of earthy spice and stone fruit. The buds were nice and developed, lending to a calm and focused session without an overpowering sedation. High Park also makes this product available under the Canaca Select brand.

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