Pairings: Stars Wars & Cannabis

May the Fourth, or known to many as Star Wars Day! Star Wars has played a pivotal role in the lives of many, in honour of this day here is a pairing selection of Star Wars film with the best recreational cannabis in Canada.

Episode 1: Phantom Menace - Redecan Cold Creek Kush

Although much maligned, the prequels breathed new life into the Star Wars franchise while attracting new fans. The Phantom Menace cements Star Wars as a cross-generational epic expanded in scope and mythos.

Redecan Cold Creek Kush best matches the excitement of teenage years, a young Obi-Wan, otherworldly pod races and perhaps the greatest villain of all, Darth Maul. This strain will keep you wired until the pinnacle with the legendary Duel of Fates from John Williams.

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones - Symbl MK Ultra

Prior to Episode 9, Attack of the Clones ranked as the worst film of the saga. From prepubescent dialog to a premature story arcs; this movie left fans perplexed.

Symbl MK Ultra will provide the deep sedation to rest before the climax when the Clones attack. After the pre-Clone Attack malaise, recharge with another toke to see one of the greatest lightsaber fights in Star Wars history.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith - San Rafael Pink Kush

Perhaps my favourite for its pacing and incredible visuals, Revenge of the Sith goes through a gutter of emotions. A complex film requires a complex strain, one to arrest you when necessary and remain lively for pivotal moments.

As much as Anakin is the protagonist of his story, this movie is best viewed from the lense of Obi-Wan; the decisions he must make and the fine line he has always walked in being Master, mentor, father and friend to the greatest Jedi who ever lived. This angst is in full bore as the final battle rages on Mustaphar making it the greatest scene(s) in Star Wars for the stakes involved mirrored by desperate feats of strength.

P.S. this movie requires extra bong rips for the Palpatine monologue aka greatest acting performance in all of Star Wars!

Episode 4: A New Hope - Namaste Ultra Sour

The one to start it all, resonates for the introduction of key story elements and characters. Overall, it's slow pacing and the hating of my boy, Chewie, lands it lower on my list but every bit as iconic.

Namaste Ultra Sour will stimulate you during the slow Luke whining moments, and send you in a daze for those enigmatic Carrie Fisher moments as Leia; the spark that lit the rebellion. The jostling interplay of Sour Diesel and MK Ultra pair great with the emotional highs, gasps at the insestuous relationship between Luke & Leia, space dogfighting and the thrill as Chewie and Han fly in for the rescue.

Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back - Figr No. 14

Greatest Movie Ever! The pace, stakes, reveals, humour and sexiness of this film is everything a film could need. Never slowing pace like a Star Destroyer through an asteroid field, introducing icons in Yoda and Lando while the trail of crumbs leads to Meme Lord Darth Vader revealing he is Luke's father (after dismembering him); and thus entering the possibility of prequels into the timeline.

This movie places the audiences on edge while delivering heart-pounding sequences, requiring a strain to deliver both gentle body sedation and lively creativity, enough to embrace the force!

Episode 6: Return of the Jedi - Gage Orange CKS

Originally my fav as a child, this movie is one big celebration (starting with Luke's master plan of pimping his sister to Jabba?). Luke becomes a Jedi, Carrie Fisher is sexualized, there is a Teddy Bear picnic, C-3PO becomes a god, a glimpse into R2-D2 the narrator, Lando from scoundrel to Rebel Scum and Han finally gets the girl!

This is my experience with Gage Orange CKS. The lively, exciting aromas and a head whirling high will leave you laughing and grinning like the Emperor Palpatine.

Episode 7: The Force Awakens - Reef Holdfast

Everyone, Holdfast! The prequels left many doubting the new trilogy, however The Force Awakens punches well above its weight. Same goes for this Reef Holdfast with its rich complex aroma and poignant high offering soothing relaxation and attentive focus to re-engage with the Star Wars mythos opening with a new chapter, passing the baton to a new generation.

Episode 8: The Last Jedi - Cove Reserve Revive

If The Force Awakens = A New Hope, then The Last Jedi = a less successful Empire Strikes Back. For its twists and bold story progression, you will need the alertness and attention to dig deep into the elements Rian Johnson dives into.

The Force does not equal the Jedi, such as religious orders don't hold dominion over god. Whether the Jedi exist is irrelevant, the Force continues to exist coming to those in times of need. As darkness rises, so will light to meet it and in the balance lies sweet, creamy balanced high.

Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker - Seven Oaks Cold Creek Kush

We begin how we started, with Cold Creek Kush and a return to the dustry trails of Tatooine. The strain remains the same, its cultivation and environment has changed its appearance and impact.

Same goes for the Rise of Skywalker (Lord of Retcon) by reintroducing characters and elements from previous films leading to a Star Wars mixtape with Palpatine's Return, a visit to the Death Star, and Chewie finally getting what he deserves (hooking up with the sister Maz Kanata). The sedated haze will allow you to find rest when needed with rolling effects to perk you up for key scenes and mourn for the passing of a true Queen, Leia.

For more Star Wars, I strongly recommend the Binge Mode Star Wars podcast (the inspiration behind this post) paired with any strain of your choosing!

May the Fourth be with you, always!


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